GMM Minutes

General Membership Meeting Minute

November 14, 2015

1. CALL TO ORDER: Beagle #1 Walter Rainey opened the meeting at 11:18 AM.

2. OPENING PRAYER: Beagle Chaplain Bob Farrow.

3. ROLL CALL: Twelve (12) Beagles & 1 Puppy present.

4. READING OF MINUTES: Beagle Secretary Ray Jones motioned with second from Beagle # 2 Don Lee to accept the minutes of the Oct 2015 GMM as written, subject to correction. There was no discussion and the motion was approved.



a. Dog House Canteen Report: The DH Canteen finance report for Oct 2015 was read by Manager Jenny. A motion was made by Beagle Jones, seconded by Beagle AD Davis to accept the report as read, subject to audit. The motion was approved.

b. Beagle Finance Report: The report for Oct 2015 was read by Beagle Don Lee. A motion was made by Beagle Jones and seconded by Beagle Bob F, to accept the report as given, subject to audit. The motion approved.

c. Education: Student Patrick will be given his monthly expense allowance of P 2,000.

d. Medical/Community Affairs: No report.

e. Website: No report.


a. Beagles Constitution and By-Laws: Much discussion was held on this item. These will be review extensively and brought up at the next GMM. Anyone with input, please bring it up next meeting. Item pending.

b. A/C and Sliding Glass Doors for Dog House: The balance of P 10,000 was paid at the last GMM. Item closed.

c. Oktoberfest Celebration Recap: A total of fifty-four (54) dinners were sold and P 13,353 was taken in. Another great success! Item closed.

d. Beagle Christmas Party: Meal tickets (P350) and Raffles (P300) are out and the menu is posted. Donations and pledges were made by members at this time. Any Beagle that hasnít donated yet, go to the D.H. and submit your food and/or money donation. Party will be after our Sat, Dec 12th meeting. Item pending.

e. Christmas Give-away: Accepting donations see Beagle Bob F. Also need clothing, toys, etc. Approximately 350 tickets will be dispersed to members to give to needy individuals. Item pending.


a. New Beagle: Beagle AD motioned to accept Puppy Porsche Santillo as a member of the Beagles, seconded by Beagle Jim Hebron. No discussion and the motion passed. Welcome Beagle Porsche!

b. Beagle Sundries: Beagle Larry Wade will inventory the sundries today and submit an order for shirts and caps.

c. Recognition: It was noted that a significant donation was made by Beagle supporter William Wiggins (Wiggs) to purchase new furniture for the Dog House. A motion was made by Beagle AD and seconded by Beagle #2 Lee to make Wiggs an Honorary Beagle Member and to provide him with a P 500 D.H. gift certificate. There was no discussion and the motion passed. Thank You and Welcome to the Beagles Wiggs!


a. Gig slips: Beagle Bob F. Out of uniform: Beagle Baby D.

b. Red Bone: Beagle Jim Hoggs. Blue Bone: Beagle # 1 Walter Rainey.

c. VVA 887 Social: Thurs, Dec 19th from 2-4 PM in the Thi-Hi Bar.

d. Thanksgiving Day Meals: Both A.L. Post 10 & Post 123 will have meals available on Thurs, Nov 26th. See posters for details.

e. U.S. Embassy Outreach: Thurs, Dec 10th, 8 AM Ė Noon @ Lewis Grand Hotel.

f. ID Cards location Change: See poster on bulletin board for details.

g. 50/50 Raffle: Won by Beagle Dave M. for P2, 000 with same going to Beagles. Dave donated his winnings back to the Beagles. Thanks Dave!

10. MEETING ADJOURNED: Beagle #1 closed the meeting on the howl of the Beagles at 12:11 PM.

Compiled by: Approved by:

Ray Jones Walter Rainey

Secretary Beagle #1